I have always been a pie girl for as long as I can remember.  As a young girl in the 1950’s for my birthday every year I would ask for a pie, not a birthday cake or cookies or any other confectionary delight.  It has always been my dessert of choice.  And still is.

Both my grandmothers were pie makers, although my father’s mother was a farm girl and really appreciated the subtleties of pie making.  When we would visit my grandparents in Marion, Kansas, a small, rural farming community, my grandmother would always make my sisters and me our own small, individual favorite pie, making each of us feel so very special and loved.

Because my father loved pie so much, my mother became a fair to middling pie maker herself. When I was little and discovered Mother making a pie in the kitchen, I would be right there, sidling up to her at the kitchen counter, sneaking pieces of raw dough to gobble up or if Mother saw fit, she would give me a portion of the dough to roll out with my own Betty Crocker baking set that I adored.    

And so, when I am twenty years old, newly married and living in Lawrence, Kansas, attending the University of Kansas, I, of course, wanted to impress my husband with my very limited culinary skills.  And of course, what could be a more impressive ending to a show stopping dinner extravaganza than a homemade pie?  And my road to perfecting my own pie making was off and running. 

Over the years I experimented with fruit pies, cream pies, pumpkin pies, even savory pies but I always found the crust worrisome.  Finding the perfect crust recipe was crucial.  And so, I began my ambitious quest for the most dependable, flaky and tender pie crust ever.  And after trying recipe after recipe for ten straight years, I finally discovered a reliable, light and divine pastry recipe that continues to be worthy of holding any filling I concoct.   

That first pie I made forty-six years ago in Lawrence, Kansas as a married student at the University of Kansas?  You guessed it!  Apple pie!  And I am still making them for my family, donating them locally for fund raising events, serving them proudly at dinner parties and sweetening up any holiday gathering throughout the year. 

My apple pie is fresh and delicious.  It comes fully baked in a deep dish, nine inch in diameter glass pie plate with a homemade double crust, filled with fresh apples sliced by hand, combined with a small amount of sugar and cinnamon.  The top crust is a decorative diamond pattern made from the same crust recipe with a dusting of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.   They are durable.  You can easily freeze them for over a year, thaw them out at room temperature to serve as is or if you prefer, serve them cold or pop them in the oven at 350 degrees for twenty minutes and serve warm.  They need no refrigeration, which is perfect for those large cooking events when refrigerator space is at a premium.   

Apple pie is a dessert for all seasons.  In the fall and winter, apple pie is a comfort food because it reminds us of warm friends and family gatherings while spring and summer it pairs beautifully with picnics and backyard barbecues.  Is there anything more American than apple pie?  At a time when our country needs desperately to love each other again, rebuilding trust and respect for all Americans, what could be better than savoring an apple pie together?  To me, it’s as easy as pie!  

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